April 28, 2010

the world's end

after 61.000 km, 13 months and 17 countries
driving south I reached the end of the world,
I reached my destination that I had for so long
Tierra del fuego
only a density of 4.75/sq km but have a look how much more
the southernmost city in the world

freacking long time ago..

Rep├║blica de Chile

after days without civilization a reunion full of emotions when I hit the tarmac in chile again..
Bienvenidos de "straightly" Chile
Axel and Katherina on there way.. We are all just Overlander

Santiago de Chile
...don't think, just shot...

and having a good party..
¡gracias por una excelente fiesta!
La fiesta fue un desmadre..

thanks to familie Strauss, Katherine, Catalina, Francisca, Marion, Mary, Franz and all the wonderful people in Rep├║blica de Chile

Ruta 40 Argentina

A long dusty and uneven way