February 2, 2010

ways to see the beauty of Colombia

To get to Columbia was a freacking adventure of seven days sailboat, with a drunk skipper hardcore waves and moments that I was scared the first time in my life to loos it in these nights out on the sea between Panama and Columbia.

To travel with my bike is great, to travel with my bike through Columbia on backroads is awesome but to be wellcome where ever I went is unique. The Landscape is stunning and there's beautiful spots along from the north in Cartagena to the south in Pesto. It's hard to keep going some times The people on my way through Columbia made it again special. Over 2 weeks full of colours, rice and beans, chicken and fish, beer and milkshakes, reagge and salsa, beach and mountains. Never ending uphill's, corners and photo stop's with someone who wants to have a picture with me. Never ending telling the same story again and again, but everytime with the energy as it would be the first time. Crazy overpass maneuver between big trucks and incoming cars with a kind of no light in the night and gravel singeltracks..
just another good country of our world.
Mucho gusto Columbia

sometimes so close but still so fare.

A nice ride from San Augustin to Mocao and down to Laguna de de Cocha. Some people said it's not a safe road and I should ask the military or the police for the situation. They just looked at me and theres no way to worry I just need a big bike because it's a kind of steep. It was a steep and rough amazing ride and good to leave the Panamericana for a bit of adventure.

Popayan, city of light.

muchas gracias Columbia