December 31, 2009

this is where you can lay down

There is no way to camp wild in north and central america!
Are you sure?

Casino parking lot in Beliz city
3300m Vulcano in Costa rica
Streets in Canada
Dumps in Nicaragua
Jungel in Guatemala
Forrest in Alaska
Border in Honduras
Dessert and cliffs in USA
Mountains in El Salvador
Beach in Mexico
and so on..

more coming soon..
Sports hall and playground in Columbia
Next to an active vulcano in Ecuador
4700m Bolivia

December 21, 2009


Feliz Navidad in
...this time I had more fun at the border...
and a lot of fun in the mud.

dirty Nicaragua

The world is sometimes a village. I stoped in a smal village and Micha is sitting next to the street eating some chicken.. It's good to ride with him again after Alaska..
thanks mike for an awesome chrismas dinner

Not a bad place having chrismas eve


Just a few words to cross the border from El Salvador into Honduras.. To leave El Salvador was easy, to get your passport stamp for Honduras was easy.. to import our bikes was a 22 hour process.. We had fun, drinking Whisky and putting our tents up behind the trucks..

Diving on Utila Honduras
thanks to all the Parrots for a sweet time on the island