November 30, 2009

you better Belize it..


Belize is situated on the Caribbean Sea, south of Mexico and east and north of Guatemala in Central America. It's a wonderfull place full of good people.

So it took me nearly 8000km from Victoria to here and nnow I'm standing infront of the gate into central america. I was waiting so long to cross the border and enter this world. The world fare away from Canada, fare away from Germany. It's a new world for me and still that feeling that I'm at home.
There's so many people that warned me about the people around here, watch your stuff, don't trust people, don't sleep in the tent..blabla..
I feel sorry for all these people that had these experiences. They missed an awesome small country full of power and respect. Maybe it's the bike, maybe it's the way I'll trust people maybe a bit of both.

Here is Belize. Here it's all about respect, man.
(saying from a borderpolice man when I crossed the border)

Good people in the small paradis.. thanks Ed and Natalie



November 11, 2009

A Sweet ride along the WestCost USA

So back on the road after a wonderful time in Victoria and I'm traveling with a new companio. Steffen an old buddy from Germany joined my trip down to south america on his Africa Twin.

So 3000 km down from Victoria to Phoenix AZ.. 8 to 35 degree.. A lot of sweet curves, nice fews and amazing people.
Let's head down to central america.. yehaa...