October 10, 2009

on the road

7 months away from Germany...
28000 km on the road...
...and we are not finished yet!

Departure to South America is coming soon..

October 8, 2009

good times in Okotoks

...it's nearly time for me to leave Alberta.. and to be honest I never thought it would be so hard to leave. It's not about Alberta, (ins't realy my thing here) it it all about the amazing good people here that makes it so hard for me to leave but isn't it alway hard to leave a place after a wile? Leave people, friend behind? A lot of people are impressed, jealous and fascinated to do what I'll do. To life like I life. Everyday new people, adventures new countries, find and explore new ways to follow. It is a wonderful life and I love it. It is my chose to be who I'm...The price that I'll have to pay for being nomadic, for being everyday on a different place is exremely high. Leaving friends behind is hard. But I'm happy and glad to know that I have a bunch of people out there that I can call my old friends. Without these people I would be lonely sometimes.

Back to Alberta Time to say thank you to these wonderful people here in Okotoks and Calgary. Time to say thank you to Gareth and Joanna, Gord and Ali, Steve, Mike, Kaja, Brett, Steph, Leslie, John, John and Linda. Thank you for making the last 3 months an amazing time that I will never forget. Thanks for making me drunk, giving me trust, support and help me reaching my destination. Thanks for a good time.



My time here is over but the memories will stay.