July 5, 2009

good times

w h i t e h o r s e y U k o N

There will be celebrations around the nations love without no care
There will be singing, plenty swimming
There will be always a way to go will be fresh air to breath and stars on a starlit sky to see.

There will be always a reason to keep the way going* feel free flo*


Hey we are back.. after an amazing 12.ooo km trip through north BC, the Yukon and our destination the Arctic Ocean in Alaska. So I will try to get all this together into a short resume about what we saw and explored and I´ll be sorry for any grammatical mistakes in that comment. I always have great ideas what and how to write something in the blog when I´m driving but as soon as I sit in front of that computer screen, everything is gone..does it mean, that I should spend my time drive around instead sitting in front of the computer? Maybe..
But I know you´r wanna see something and hear about the north but befor I try to write about the trip, I´ll prefer to make a summery and show you a couple of my pictures and if you look at them carefully, your may be able to read the picture.

We meet wonderful people, some were poor, some were rich, some could play any kind of instrument. We meet Artist on one day and the day after hanging around with Rockers and motorcyles club members. We listen to french, native, swiss and any kind of languages. Run into people from the coast, the sea and from the mountains. Talked to fishermans, hunters truck drivers, and musicians. Watched films about backpacking and food in alaska, listened to bluegras, folk, bluse and rock.
We get invited into homes, dinners and barbeques. Got free Burgers and beer, fish and candys.
Broke 1 headlamp and 3 Spokes, had 3 flat tyres and broke one windshild, we needed 4 TKC 80´s and 1 chainset as we needed 2 airfilter, oil and some light bulb, cutouts and some other stuff. We lost sunglases and goggles, a knife and got a zippo and a knife stolen.

Big wildlife on the way like Black and Brown Bear, Wolf, Moose, Dall Sheep, Caribou, Deer, Mountain Goat, Muskox, Elk and the Sika Deer. Marine
animals like Whale, Seal, Orca, Otter, Beaver. Smaller wildlife like Fox, Squirrel, Weasel,
Bat, Porcupine and of course Bald Eagle, Willow Ptarmigan, Geese and a Horned Owl..
I´ll be sure I forgot some but even that was a big zoo.. and every animal was free!!
We meet other traveller with bikes, paddle bikes, hitchhiker. By foot or with a camper.

The sun was shining, the rain was falling, the wind was blowing. The rocks were sharp, the mountains snow-covered, the forrest green and the lakes blue...
All in all..an awesome life experience!

saying found in Whitehorse:
"one day, one night, one community, one fight..

Ingo, me, Micha and Bruce on the top of the Word..