May 27, 2009

the Warm up

feel what I feel

I open my eyes as much as I can but I still don´t belive what I see.. No that´s not poetry blabla.. That´s just because my emotions pushed me up.. I´m glad and happy to have the chance to see what I see.
Today I´m on the road for about 2 1/2 month, Lhea, my bike is doing great, my body is getting used to the cold and the hard way of life, my brain is trying to get everything organized and of course my smile is getting bigger and bigger.. Sorry for that ;)

I´m sitting under the sun in Whitehorse, close to the Alaska border, enjoying the day without driving and found finally time to get my ass up to write something in the blog.. So let´s start with a short retrospect about the trip..

The direction is simple.. North as fare as possible to Deadhorse / Prudhoe Bay without a time limit and any kind of organisation stuff. Be free and enjoy everyday new, than you will find the good people on that earth.. Helen, Brian, Ric, Sarah, Leaf, Fannie, Kathy, Luk, Christine and so many more wonderful people on the way. Be sure even you´r not listed here, your in my heart and I will carry you along over the snow covert mountains, green vally´s and amazing canyons.. Hope you can feel what I see. Feel my respect to stand 4m away from two small grizzlys, don´t know where the mother are. Feel my blood pressure when I drive with 100 km/h over gravel roads. Feel my cold feet when I sleep at 0 Celius somewhere at tent. Feel small when I look over the endless forest and finaly just feel free when I´m riding.

greets ya

May 8, 2009

Footprints on earth

Red cross hotel Terminal 4, JFK Airport NY, USA
Times square NY, USA
Times square NY, USA
Subway NY, USA
La Recoleta cemetry, Buenas Aires, Argentina
Buenas Aires, Argentina
Ruta 3, Argentina
Torres del Paine Nat. Park, Chile
Torres del paine Nat. Park, Chile
Torres del paine Nat. Park, Chile
Gray Glacier Mirador, Torres del paine, Chile
Torres del paine, Chile
End of the world, Terra del fuego, Argentina
Patagonia boat tour, Argentina
Ushuaia prison museum, Argentina
Art Gallery Ushuaia, Argentina
Ushuaia, Argentina
Terra del fuego, Argentina
Terra del fuego, Chile
Ruta 40, Argentina
Ruta 40, Argentina
Argentina Asphalt/Chile Asphalt
Border, Chile-Argentina
Lake district, Chile
Art Gallery Santiago, Chile
Border, Bolivia-Chile
Highway, BoliviaAltitude: 5025 meter... Bolivia
just beautiful, South Bolivia
Hotsprings, South Bolivia
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
La carretera de la muerte, Bolivia
La Paz, Bolivia
Lago Titicaca, Bolivia
Border Peru-Boliva
Pisco landslide, Peru
Flaoting islands, PeruRoad block, Peru
North coast, PeruNorth dessert, Peru
Chan Chan, Peru
Border, Ecuador-Peru
Petrified forest, Ecuador
N 00.00.000 W 78.10.525, Ecuador
Border, Columbia-Equador
Mountain pass San Augustin-Mocoa, Columbia
Mountain pass Medellin-Calie, Columbia
Playa Blanca, Columbia
Catagena, Columbia
San blast islands, Panama
Rooftop Panama City, Panama
Casa Viejo, Panama
Panamal canal, Panama
Border bridge from 1908, Panama
Border, Costa Rica-Panama
Border, Nicaragua-Costa Rica
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
West coast dirt road, Nicaragua
Mud disaster, Nicaragua
18m Black coral reef, Utila Honduras
Virus diving boat, Utila Honduras
Crashed cocaine airplan, Utila Honduras
22 houres Border crossing, El Salvador-Honduras
2700m Paradiso, El Salvador
Playa del Tunco, El Salvador
Tikal, Guatemala
Border, Belize-Guatemal
Parrot snake, Sarteneja Belize
Hammock, Sarteneja Belize
Border, Mexico-Belize
Palenque, Mexic
Golf from Mexico, Sรกnchez MagellanesTravic jam, Mexico city, Mexico
International Hostel Phoenix
San Francisco California
Redwood National Park California
Bragg Creek Rocky Mountains Alberta
Young Moos Okotoks Alberta
Pine Coulee Lake Alberta
Poplar removal Black diamond Alberta
Nicholas St. Vancouver Island BC
Art Gallery Whitehorse YukonIndian River Trail Sitka Alaska
Border Top of the World Highway Alaska
Salty Dawg Saloon Homer Alaska
Denali National Park Alaska
Ferry somewhere
Carcross Dessert Yukon
1700m Caribou Mountain Yukon
Arctic Ocean Deadhorse Alaska
Dalton Highway Alaska
Hot springs BC
Highway North BC
Whisky Jack North BC
Ferry San Juan Island Washington
Seattle Washington

Chilliwack Lake Road Washington
Neah Bay Washington
Neah Bay Washington
La push Indian Reservat Washington
Columbia River Oregon
Columbia River Washington
Gravel Road Washington
White Pass Washington
Soap Lake Washington
Deception Pass Washington
Ferry Port Townsend Washington
Lake Stevens Pass WashingtonHostel Vancouver Downtown
Ocean Shores Washington