April 19, 2009

The facts

About our trip:
Actually we have not even really thought about what we can see or what we can explore in this huge country Canada.
There were no plans or many organisation stuff we did in the fore field at home. The only think we have is a work permit our Bikes waterproofed bags and a couple of dollars in our pocket. That´s we have and that´s all we need head on north and try to reach is the most northern point in Alaska.

The Trip:
We started in Vancouver Canada at the 16. march 2009 and till now we did 3000 km through amazing landscapes rainforest pacific ocean coasts and mountains around British Columbia CA and Washington State US.
We are waiting around Vancouver till the end of may before we start the long way up to the Arctic Ocean to Deadhorse next to Prudhoe Bay.

Who we are:

Micha 31 skilled in tree nursery and tree climbing riding a HONDA Africa Twin 750, natitingou@gmx.de

Flo 30 skilled in Landscape gardening and tree climbing riding a BMW 1150 GS Adventure yangon@gmx.de

April 10, 2009


sometimes people think to much
sometimes people are to afraid to go
sometimes people fritter away there time
sometimes people tell you to much
sometimes people don´t listen
sometimes people don´t open there eyes

but sometimes you have to go or you miss an amazing sunset at the Pacific Ocean

Welcome to real gone and enjoy our way to discover a part of this world