March 8, 2011

Bienvenido a

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
BA got so many faces and it's realy one of the most crazy citys I've ever been. Crazy but freacking good.. ;)

Adios BA y muchas gracias Jime y la familia
Siempre recuerde que nunca se olvide

December 3, 2010

first time to drive north since a long time

After beeing at the bottem, beeing in Ushuaia and had an awesome time in Torres del Paine, saying good by to Salli, Brad and Mick it was time for me to turn my handlebar north and ride the long way up to Buenas Aires. A full tank, a full head, empty wallet. Beeing happy that I'm fit, beeing sad that this long trip is now going to the end.
Lhea, my bike needs a brake and some love. She has carried me all the way down without beeing a problem but now I feel that she is as tired as everything that I have and as I'm. Freaking hell.. everything is realy fucked up.. ;)
Driving up noth on Ruta 3 for over 3000km in 4 days. Sleeping next to the the road in a kind of nothing. Getting warmer every kilometer. It's boring and straight and the only thought is it to be bring Lhea back home..

So enjoy the last kilometers before entering a diferet World.

May 14, 2010



I thought to write somethink about the hike and the national park torres del paine but.. there are no words who could express how it is to be part of that area, to be small between the these massive mountains.. but once is clear..
It was fucking amazing but have a look, enjoy and escape.

and,.. thanks to Sally, Brad, Mick and Steffen (we all felt sorry for Steffen after he gave up because of pain in his ankle) for having the best team ever to walk 80km in 5 days, complete the W in Torres del Paine.

The towers